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Antique Furniture

Adams Antiques supplies a wide range of antique furniture, in oak, mahogany, walnut and other woods. Mostly from Georgian and Regency times, with a few from the earlier Queen Anne and William and Mary periods. (See further down the page for a list of these periods).

To compliment your antique furniture we also stock associated items like china, brass and copper, and paintings. These are primarily from the Victorian era.

One of our specialities is Antique Windsor chairs, particularly English yew wood Windsor dining chairs.

We have fine examples of classic Welsh antique furniture such as Welsh Dressers, Tridarns, Bread and Cheese Cupboards.

You will also find a good selection of English and Welsh furnishing pieces - farmhouse and gateleg dining tables, dining chairs, dresser bases (sideboards), chests of drawers, cupboards and wardrobes, corner cupboards, writing bureaus and desks, and grandfather (longcase) clocks. Always popular are useful little side tables, from cricket tables and low boys, to wine tables, candle stands and tip-top tripod tables.

Buy with Confidence

How do you know that an antique you are considering buying is genuine?

Is it really the age you have been lead to believe?

Has any restoration work been pointed out to you?

Do you know what is, and is not, acceptable restoration?

Do you know how to find alterations and later additions?

It is important to establish a relationship with a knowledgeable dealer. This is a positive way to feel confident about what you are buying. Antique centres provide a huge selection but are run by staff that are inexperienced in our profession and often lack the depth of knowledge you may need.

Unless you have a sound knowledge of the furniture you are viewing, we would certainly caution against buying at auction. You should read the small print in the terms and conditions as the auction house takes no responsibility for the accuracy of their catalogue descriptions. It is purely the responsibility of the buyer to know what they are buying from auction.

Sadly many (most?) people do not realise this. Part of our business these days is spent helping private clients, collectors and dealers get their money back on items bought at auction which were inaccurately and unfairly described. But it is always a fight and costly experience.

So how do you find a reputable dealer?

Sandy Summers, the owner of Adams Antiques, has over 35 years experience. For many years she has specialised in antique furniture, particularly oak, country and walnut pieces from England and Wales. Sandy has an accumulated knowledge that tells her intuitively whether something is right or wrong.

Adams Antiques participated at all the major antique fairs in the UK for over 18 years. Sandy was head of the vetting committee for Oak and Country furniture at the Antiques for Everyone Fair (NEC, Birmingham), the LAPADA fairs (at the NEC and London), and Earl's Court London. She was also on the vetting committee at Harrogate, Chester, Solihull, Kensington London and the BADA Fair.

Sandy says "there is no substitute for the knowledge and experience gained from having examined thousands of pieces of furniture to ensure they were genuine and fairly described before the fair was opened to the public".

Sandy is recognised within the industry as one of the top experts in early oak and country furniture, with a reputation for being able to spot clever restoration work and alterations and that other dealers and collectors might miss. She is known as the intuitive antique dealer.

Whoever you buy your antiques from, we suggest you look for a member of the BADA (the British Antique Dealers' Association) or LAPADA (the Association of Art and Antique Dealers). You can buy with confidence as each association operates a strict code of conduct.

The BADA membership carries the most weight within the industry, assuring that you are dealing with dealers who are experts in their fields of antiques. Sandy is a member of both.

Adams Antiques is more than just an antique shop

We offer an extensive range of other services:

Having trouble finding exactly what you want?   We have been in the antique business for over 35 years, and have developed an extensive network of contacts with other shops, dealers, private collectors and other clients. If we don't have the piece of furniture you are looking for in stock, we can often find it for you.

We have sourced pieces and had them delivered to clients all over the world. We frequently ship to the USA.

Uncertain about the value or authenticity of an antique?   Perhaps you would like reassurance as to the quality and age of a piece before purchase. Or perhaps you need an insurance or probate valuation, or an independent assessment as to the authenticity of your piece.

As a member of the British Antiques Dealers' Association, and with over thirteen years of experience vetting on major antiques fairs, Sandy Summers, the proprietor of Adams Antiques is well qualified to report on the age, value and quality of an antique.

As well as doing valuations, we can provide a service to vet items before you purchase. Sandy often attends auctions, either with or on behalf of clients, to view and assess pieces before the sale.

If you live abroad we can assess an antique on your behalf, before you decide to buy, and help you acquire it at a favourable price.

Keep your furniture looking its best:  We offer a full repair and restoration service

Our in-house cabinet maker can also make items (such as pieces for corners or awkward space, or panelling for rooms) to your exact specifications. It won't be an antique though!

Selling a piece of antique furniture?   You can always send a picture and we can give you advice. Many people do not want to sell their antiques at auction because of the uncertainty over what price might be achieved, and the costs involved.

We offer a sale on commission service   This is the best way we have found to help you get the best price for your antiques. How does it work? We agree a valuation, collect the piece, do any restoration work that is required, polish it professionally and then place it for sale in our showrooms, and on this website. When the item is sold we return to you the agreed valuation (less restoration charges, if any).

Information Section

Below is a list of the time periods used to classify British antiques. We plan at add to this section with more useful background information such as identifying types of wood, styles typical of different periods, etc.

Time Periods for British Antiques

The age of British antiques is often stated by reference to the British Monarch ruling at the time it was made. The following list shows the dates for each period.

Date Range  Monarch          Period

1558-1603   Elizabeth I      Elizabethan
1603-1625   James I          Jacobean
1625-1649   Charles I        Carolean
1649-1660   Commonwealth     Cromwellian
1660-1685   Charles II       Restoration
1685-1689   James II         Restoration
1689-1694   William & Mary   William & Mary
1694-1702   William III      William III
1702-1714   Anne             Queen Anne
1714-1727   George I         Early Georgian
1727-1760   George II        Early Georgian
1760-1800   George III       Late Georgian
1800-1820   George III       Regency
1820-1830   George IV        Regency
1830-1837   William IV       William IV
1837-1901   Victoria         Victorian
1901-1910   Edward VII       Edwardian

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